Relieving your dog's aches and pains through a series of massage techniques and gentle stretching.

Does your dog:- 

  • Stand up on his hind legs and dance around? 

  • Pull on her lead when out for walks?

  • Run, slip and slide on tiles or polished floor boards?

  • Jump on or off your bed, the couch, the back of your ute or in and out of your car?

  • Go for one big long walk or run off lead in a dog park once a week?

  • Corner at high speed inside or outside the home?

  • Have too crouch or climb up to get in and out of the doggy door?


Any one of these actions is causing muscle fatigue and can lead to pain and injury.



  • How you feel after walking up a long flight of stairs or after doing squats or weights for the first time in a long time... Has that toilet seat been lowered?

  • The impact on your joints when you jump down off a chair after changing a light bulb

  • How you would feel after running a half marathon with no pre-training

  • What happens to your legs when your foot slides in a puddle on a slippery floor


All those muscle pains, strains and joint aches you feel, your furry friend has them too.


A Canine Myofunctional Therapist is a soft tissue specialist trained to recognise, treat and relieve your dog's aches and pains through a series of massage techniques and gentle stretching.


Myofunctional Therapy is no substitute for veterinary care. Please ensure you seek appropriate veterinary care when necessary.

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Canine Myofunctional Therapy.


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